Launch date: November 15!

PLEASANT VALLEY, NY – Nov 1, 2012 – Chris Garrett, an independent developer of word games that please the senses and boggle the mind, today announced that his groundbreaking game QatQi will launch for iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad mini on Nov. 15. QatQi (pronounced “cat-key”) aims to expand upon common features of the increasingly popular word game genre, carving out a niche all its own with inspired aesthetics, dynamic music, robust statistical and social features, and never-before-seen mechanics. Players will discover a whole lot more than just laying down tiles and reaping the rewards.

To give QatQi a unique feel, Garrett built the game’s puzzles around “maps” for players to explore, allowing them to uncover bonuses as they avoid barriers and link letters together. Corridors in the playing space grow narrower and more intricate as the game continues, making for an experience that’s easy to learn but offers a new kind of strategic depth for the genre. Elegant statistical breakdowns help novice word-slingers improve their scores, who can boast chart-topping performances with QatQi’s built-in social features.

Even with its brutal puzzles, the sights and sounds of QatQi should inspire a state of gaming zen that go well beyond words. Artist Kun Chang, a veteran of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace and the hit game Osmos, gives QatQi an ethereal audiovisual vibe that pops off the screen. An original, otherworldly score complements the looks, building in complexity throughout the game.

Look for QatQi to stir up the word game genre for free on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPad mini starting Nov. 15.

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