QatQi isn’t working! (For a day)

By Chris Garrett, QatQi creator.

I knew something was terribly wrong this morning when I opened my support inbox and there were 216 unread messages.  Normally there are about five.

A sinking feeling came over me when I read the first few:

“QatQi is locked up!”

“I can’t play any games!”

I grabbed my phone and opened QatQi immediately.  Sure enough, the game is frozen.  This is every developer’s worst nightmare.  I’m probably going to wake up in cold sweats for a few weeks now.

Fortunately there is a silver lining on this very dark cloud.  Apparently QatQi has decided that it needs a vacation, with December 31st as its single day off.  QatQi didn’t feel the need to give any of us notice of its plans, which is why we’re all very frustrated with it.  It turns out that this is a one-day bug.  Tomorrow, Jan 1, 2013, everything will work fine again.  We determined this by setting our devices’ dates to Jan 1, 2013.

If you’re desperate to play, and you don’t mind your device telling you that it’s the new year already, you can change your date to Jan 1 2013, and it will work again. Here’s how you do this:

1) Open the Settings app.
2) Go to General -> Date & Time
3) Turn “Set Automatically” to off.
4) Change your date to Jan 1, 2013.

Tomorrow you can change “Set Automatically” back to On.

After changing the date, QatQi may just work properly, or you may need to restart it with the task switcher. Here’s how to restart the game:

1) Tap once on the home button at the bottom of your device. This takes you to the device’s home screen.
2) Now double tap on the home button to bring up the task switcher. QatQi should be the first icon on the bottom now.
3) Press and hold the QatQi icon until it starts shaking and the delete button appears.
4) Tap the delete button to “kill” the QatQi task. This won’t delete QatQi, just stop it from running.
5) Now launch QatQi again.

Note that any other apps that use the date will be off by a day – calendar, mail, etc. Depending on how you use your device you may be better off just waiting a day.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll resolve the issue for next year’s rollover. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact us if you have any feedback or questions.

UPDATE:  We’re offering a big sale on undos if you’re willing to change your date today.

UPDATE 2:  The QatQi calendar is determined by the GMT time zone.  Which means that all of you wonderful Aussies and Kiwis will have to wait a bit before QatQi will work properly.  Also, we will all need to restart QatQi after the new year (following the steps above) in order for the games to unlock.

Have a happy new year!

11 thoughts on “QatQi isn’t working! (For a day)

    • That’s a great idea. I just went to change the 1000 Undos to free, but Apple won’t allow that. So I changed the 10,000 undos option to $0.99. That’s a 90% discount for anyone who’s willing to change their date. Just for today.

  1. What about us dummies that deleted it from our iPhones and lost all if our data including paid for undos? Any hope for us?

    Thank you,
    Jim Hobkirk

    • Yikes! I’m adding an option in QatQi 1.0.3 where I can give undos for situations like this. Right now there’s no way to do that though. So contact me after 1.0.3 is released and I will make sure you get your undos.

      In the meantime, I just lowered the price of 10,000 undos to $0.99 for today only. That’s a 90% discount for anyone willing to switch their device’s date for a day. I was going to do 1K undos for free, but Apple doesn’t allow free in-app purchase options.

  2. You should be flattered Chris…it is clearly a daily fix for a lot of us.
    Even my wife likes it and she HATES games, especially computer/app games.
    Happy New Year.

  3. I am totally addicted to this game so when I went to start a new game today, I was disappointed to find that it was not working. I then thought well at least I can get a life today and actually go out of my front door instead of spending all day trying to complete a ‘nigh impossible’ puzzle. I then checked on the website and I find I can play if I change the date etc. I have now done that and also got 100,000 undo’s for a really great price. Now I am back using the old grey matter instead of exploring the great outdoors. Thanks for keeping me addicted!

    • I should say that my comments are somewhat tongue in cheek and meant to be mildly amusing.
      I do love this game but I haven’t become that obsessed!!
      I hope the fact that they are still awaiting moderation is not because you are concerned about my sanity.

  4. Great game guys, didn’t know how much I needed it until I couldn’t get it. I can wait till tomorrow, maybe.

    Congrats on such a great brain game.

  5. Awesome game and a great fix. Took advantage of the big BUG sale. Thanks for attending to so quickly. Now, if I can just remember to reset the date on my iPad tomorrow!

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