QatQi now has Power Tiles!

QatQi 1.1 Now Available

We’re excited to announce that QatQi 1.1 went live on Friday, November 15th 2013.  This version brings some great additions to the game.  Download or update it now!

Power Tiles

We are most excited about Power Tiles.  We had considered adding blank tiles (like Scrabble), but decided that blanks are too boring.  Instead, we have Power Tiles.  Like blanks, Power Tiles can be used for any letter.  However, they are much better.  Here’s why:

  • Power Tiles automatically figure out how to give you the highest score possible.  You’ll learn new words as the Power Tile makes high scoring words you didn’t even know existed.
  • Power Tiles automically change after being played.  So if you play *I, the power tile will change to a Q to make QI.  However, if you then add a TS to make *ITS, the power tile changes to a Z to make ZITS.
  • Power Tiles will change to different letters in horizontal and vertical – so if the power tile is better as a Q vertically and a Z horizontally, that’s what it will use.

Because Power Tiles are so, well, powerful, we limit their usage:

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday level puzzles cannot use any power tiles.
  • Thursday and Friday can use one each.
  • Saturday can use two.
  • Sunday can use three.

QatQi gives out free power tiles – one per day, up to a maximum of three.  That means if you complete a QatQi puzzle every day you can play completely for free.  If you want more freedom in your QatQi schedule, then you can purchase more power tiles.  But everyone is limited to the same number per puzzle, so you can’t “pay to win.”

We have played a lot of games using Power Tiles.  At first we thought it might affect scores too much.  However, I still can’t beat the top QatQi players, even when using Power Tiles.  But it adds a new element of strategy, and it takes away some of the frustration of trying to get through the long corridors on the harder puzzles.

Word Definitions

You can now tap on any completed word to get its definition.  Tap once and a “Define” button will appear next to the beginning of the word.  Tap again to see a definition.  Because some tiles form two words (horizontal and vertical) there are sometimes two Define buttons.  Definitions require a network connection.

Doubler Products

We have added two Doubler products – an Undo Doubler, and a Power Tile Doubler.  This is what each doubler does:

  • Doubles the rate of free product that you get (Undos or Power Tiles)
  • Doubles the amount of product you currently have.  So, if you just spent $9.99 on 10,000 Undos, you can buy the Undo Doubler for $0.99 and get an additional 10,000 right now.
  • Doubles the amount of product you get for all future purchases.  So it’s like a permanent 50% discount.
  • One purchase works across all of your devices – so if you buy the Power Tile Doubler on your iPad, it will also be available on your iPhone.
  • They are as inexpensive as we could make them – only $0.99 in the US.

More Generous with Free Play

We now give out more free Undos, and also give out free Power Tiles.  Free Undos and Power Tiles now accumulate whether QatQi is open or not.  So if you take a break and come back, you’ll have 20 Undos waiting for you.  We will even notify you if you’d like (and you can turn it on or off).  We have made the rate of Undos and Power Tiles such that you can play completely free, as long as you play frequently.

“ZEN” is a Word

This was actually one of our most common requests.  The Official Scrabble Dictionary doesn’t include ZEN, so we didn’t either.  But after consulting with several English professors, we learned that common usage of “zen” has grown quite a bit recently, such that it is acceptable to be used in lower case form.  It will likely be added to the other word game dictionaries, so we’re just ahead of the curve.

A few other words were missing – if you come across any, be sure to send us a quick support email so we can add them.

Stats Page Redesign

QatQi players love their stats!  So we spent some time redesigning the geographical high scores to give more meaningful graphs.

iOS 7 Support

About 80% of all QatQi players are already on iOS 7.  QatQi 1.1 is only supported on iOS 7, because we take advantage of quite a few new features that are available for developers.  QatQi 1.0 will still be available for those of you on older devices.

We hope you enjoy the update!  As always, please send feedback to

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