Christopher Z. Garrett

Chris is the president of ZWorkbench, lead developer and game designer for QatQi.  Chris has been developing software since 1997, working on a variety of platforms.  He started ZWorkbench with the long term vision of bootstrapping a game development company through client work.  His most recent game was the word game Lexitect, developed in partnership with Fairlady Media.

Chris has an M.S. in Biochemistry from Duke University.  He likes to geek out on technology, science, music, scythes, and anything powered by batteries or a two-cycle engine.  He lives in Pleasant Valley, NY with his wife, two daughters, and two cats. |  @czgarrett

Kun Chang

Kun Chang started his career as a Concept Artist on Star Wars:The Phantom Menace, and The Fifth Element. For the last 12 years he has mainly directed award-winning fiction, documentaries and commercials for, among other, CBC, BBC and National Geographic. He also directed the cinematics for the videogame Avatar, the award-winning cinematics for the game Prince of Persia, and is currently working on the AAA game Watch Dogs as a realization director. In 2010 he art directed the independent game Osmos which won the 2011 Apple Design Award, and has been exhibited at the MoMa in NYC. As an Art director he has among other worked on the cinematics for the videogame Splinter Cell : Chaos Theory, a Danish animated feature film, several multimedia productions at LEGO, and the visual effects for parts of the film: Across the Universe.

Kun was born in Denmark by Chinese and German parents, speaks 5 languages, has a BA in Law and Economics from Copenhagen Business School, and an MA in Design for Film and Television from the Royal College of Art in London.

He currently lives in Montreal.

Casey Merhige

Casey Merhige’s musical background as a harpist and electronic composer naturally lends itself to translating QatQi’s evolving, abstract/sci-fi aesthetics to the sonic plane.  The result makes the experience of traversing the puzzles that much more enticing.  A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Casey has already gained significant professional experience in the field of interactive audio that ranges from experimental indie games, to straight-ahead platformers, to children’s games.  She also writes and produces music outside of the realm of video game audio, and enjoys playing and incorporating music in all sorts of styles and contexts. You can check out a sampling of her work here:

Greg Arney

What do you get when you combine two parts guitarist, two parts music composer, one part entrepreneur and one part hacker? The result is Greg Arney, a freelance musician based in the Boston area. Greg has honed his chops writing jingles and commercial audio for a number of projects. In addition to his work for QatQi, Greg’s music has appeared on national television via the PBS show “Biz Kid$”. He operates a school of guitar in Boston and is focused on developing the world’s best online guitar method. Greg graduated with high honors from Berklee College of Music in Spring 2011, where he received awards, scholarships and accolades. | @gregarney

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